<Ancestor’s Legacy> Gameplay Experience

The RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre isn’t exactly our forte, but here’s our quick review on <Ancestors Legacy>

> Choose from one of four different factions, which each consists of different technologies and soldier types.

>A RTS game that focuses on recreating the historical battles and character designs accurately.

>With a total of 8 campaigns (2 for each faction), perfectly depicting the historical backgrounds of each factions

>The first campaign chapter for each faction consists of a tutorial, so it is fine to start with any faction.

>There’s no multiplayer mode for the Nintendo Switch version, but the ingame enemy AI was quite well written and is quite challenging to play against.

> The buildable facilities on the map are quite scarce, most of the resources comes from seizing outposts and villages pre-generated by the map itself, while it has limited the players from trying various strategies in proceeding with the map and managing their resources differently, it also had the perk of providing a much more balanced warzone, making it easy for beginners to learn the game.

>The controls were quite streamlined for a RTS, especially on a console like the Nintendo Switch, with the L R buttons functioning as switching highlighted targets, and Y as select all, it has removed the need for mouse cursor-like controls that RTS usually need, but it has made it difficult to control a small platoon or unit individually.

>The weather and terrain can turn the tide of battles, making the warzone much more dynamic and realistic, such as reduced vision range in night time, and reduced trooper efficiency in terrible weather.

Special thanks to Leoful for providing us with the game! The <Ancestor’s Legacy> physical version is in stores since July 24, available in game stores all across the Asia region!

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