Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Developer Meeting Reveals and Summary

Hi there, Nmia here! We have been given the honour to be invited to the developer meeting of Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, and we’re here to share with you all the details that are being revealed and comments from the developers during the meeting! It has been 10 long years since the launch of the previous Bakugan video game, and the developers are in awe of how big the IP has grown across the years. During the development of the game, the developers took a long look at the Anime and TCG, in order to be able to create a unique blend of the two aspects for the franchise fans to resonate with, while at the same time creating something that is accessible to players who are new to the franchise or hearing it for the first time.

They wanted to create a game that stands out from the usual RPGs, a unique real-time turn-based strategy RPG, where the gameplay revolves around the player, known as the “Brawler”, equipping up to 3 Bakugans at a time, picking up power cores that powers up their Bakugan, and accumulate energy which can be released in the form of Skills, which each Bakugan can equip up to 4 at a time. Bakugan focuses on the epic gigantic kaijuu fights, combining it with real time strategies and attacks, into a satisfying combat experience.

The player takes control of the human player instead of the Bakugan itself, just as it is in the anime. The game aims to be accessible to new players, but at the same time be rewarding for players who are willing to go a layer deeper on researching the strategies as well. The Bakugans are categorized into 5 elemental factions, with each being strong against 2 elements and weak against 2 elements as well. Abilities and skills such as healing, debuffing, attack boosting, are available based on the factions they belong to, making it a game of endless combinations.

Over the years, the franchise has expanded into a huge universe with many different Bakugans being designed and released. It was a hard decision for the developer teams to pick which Bakugan to be included into the game, and they have settled with a roster of 81 unique Bakugans, from 17 different species.It is being revealed that Leonidas from the previous Bakugan video game is made playable as well, with some new tricks up his sleeves, as quoted from the developers. Players can also choose from a large option of customisation for their Brawler, which are available in the shop in game. The costumes and hairstyles come in 5 main colour schemes which correlates to the 5 major elements of the Bakugan as well. The Bakugan itself however is not directly customisable in terms of appearance, but each Bakugan follows an evolution path which will change the Bakugan’s appearance when they evolve into cooler and more badass forms of themselves. The developer team has decided to make the game on the Nintendo Switch due to the “on the go” nature of Nintendo Switch as a mobile console, which resonates well with the Bakugan TCG game. Players are able to brawl against their friends across the Nintendo Switch Online (which will be required for online play).They have chosen the Wayforward company to develop the game. With their past experiences in developing the Shantae and Mighty series, they did a really good job in breathing life into the characters and side questlines, and gave quite some personality to all of the NPCs, and made it rewarding to explore the world for hidden rewards such as abilities and power ups for the Bakugans, and has made the world seem alive and interactive. They have briefly mentioned about the game storyline as well, which revolves around a young child who has found their first Bakugan, starting to collect and brawl with their friends, making their way into the ongoing Bakugan Tournament Circuit, with a sinister plot going on in the background which threatens the safety of the world, which the main characters will have to eventually tackle. The progress from single player campaign carries over to the online battle modes as well, thus the player will have to explore the world and progress with the story in order to be better and more geared in the online battles. The developers have also revealed about the Deluxe Edition which will be available for pre-order on a later date, of which contents includes: -Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia base game, -Exclusive Ultima Dragonoid “Transforming Bakugan” Toy -Exclusive Ultima Dragonoid Trading Card -Exclusive Ultima Dragonoid Metal Gate Card -Two powerful Bakucores More details regarding the game can be seen in the Bakugan 101 Trailer below!

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