Ghostrunner is a fast-paced first-person perspective slasher game developed by Polish studio ONE MORE LEVEL and co-published by All in! Games and 505 Games, releasing on 27th October 2020 for Microsoft Windows. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.  The game will also be released for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in the future.


The game is set in a cyberpunk megastructure, named Dharma Tower, where it is considered as humanity’s last shelter, after a certain cataclysm.  Dharma Tower is ruled by Mara, the Keymaster, who rules over the city with an iron fist.  The people of the city are divided, those who serves Maya, and those who rebel.  Players will be playing as a Ghostrunner, an android ninja.  Guided by the Whisperer, players must make their way from the bottom of the tower to the top, and also traversing in Cyberspace.  


Gameplay was intense and fast-paced, with any damage you take kills the player immediately.  Similar to SUPERHOT VR, players must plan every move they make.  However, do not fret, players will respawn at the beginning of each section if they do fail.  This allow players to try out different methods to clear each section, resulting in various interesting gameplays.

Besides the daunting Dharma Tower, player will be playing in the Cyberspace, which looks futuristic and has its own appeal.  Cyberspace has combat, as well as platforming challenges, which provides a new experience.

Combat in Ghostrunner is fairly simple, just slice the enemies down with a katana yet hard to master, with the katana being able to deflect and slash enemies projectile as well.  Combining the fun sword combat with the fluid movement of the Ghostunner, players will find themselves running all over the place.  With parkour elements such as the wall run, navigating through the environments feels amazing and could set up for some really incredible gameplay.  

Besides that, players will be equipped with a grappling hook which allow players to swing around like Spiderman.  The grappling hook mechanic provides another challenge to players, making the platforming puzzles more complicated.

One of the most useful abilities in Ghostrunner is Dash, which allow players to dash forward, reaching ledges which could not be reached by normal means.  However, dash can also be hold down, which allows the player to temporary slow down time and enemy movement.  Players can see incoming bullets and dodge them effectively by strafing left and right.  This mechanic might take some to get used to, but once mastered, combat feels a lot smoother.  With the inclusion of other abilities (blink strike to kill enemies; using the force to push enemies away etc.) to aid combat, players will find themselves taking down enemies in style.

Players will be come across a variety of enemies in the game, all of whom which will provide you a different challenge and require you to use your abilities in unique ways.  There are enemies with shields, long-range shooting robots, drones flying around in the air shooting at players and many more.  Learning the weaknesses and patterns of these enemies will definitely be helpful.  In Ghostrunner, there will be bosses as well.  The same rule applies to the boss fights, any damage taken will kill the player instantly.  Players can expect some challenging set piece fights.

[Graphics and System Requirements]

The graphics in Ghostrunner is breath-taking, with amazing details and visual effects for an immersive gameplay experience.  Ghostrunner will also be launched with RTX support, which enables ray tracing for an even slicker environment.  

Minimum system requirements for Ghostrunner is quite modest.  With these requirements, players with low-spec rigs could enjoy the game as well.


Overall, Ghostrunner offers a fast-paced, challenging, and fun gameplay. The combination of cyberpunk with post-apocalyptic themes, and interesting mechanics, Ghostrunner provides a unique single-player experience with high replayable experience.  It would be interesting to see the developers’ plans for the game to deliver players a new experience.  

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