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Summertime Madness is a first person puzzle game that developed by DP Games. The player, in the role of painter who has made a pact with the devil, must find his way back to the real world after being deceived and trapped into one of his paintings.

A journey into the surreal world of the artist’s creations, in which a dreamlike atmosphere that hides mysteries and puzzles to be discovered and solved with a world in constant change.

Game Setting

In the year 1945, July 20, the city of Prague was under siege, devastated by war. The buildings were collapsing, the churches were burning and everything was going to be swept away forever.

A painter lived there, totally isolated from the outside world. The more the horror of the war intensified, the more the artist obsessively painted beautiful landscapes, to counteract all the evil around him.

One night, a mysterious figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere in him home. He walked slowly across the room and looked at the painting one by one, before sitting in front of the artist, offering him a pact. The possibility of entering one of his creations, far from the war, and with the possibility of being free. But if he had not found his way back before midnight, his soul would have been trapped in the painting for eternity. The artist, almost on the verge of madness, terrified by the death that ran along the streets, shook hands with the mysterious man, and accepted the pact.

A few months later, the house was empty…..

Gameplay and Controls

The control of this game is simple as it similar to other PC game. The only part that is kind of different from the other game is player need to tap Caps Lock Key for enable the ”Lock Run” function. Currently there are only 3 languages available but according to the development team, there will be 8 languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese) available when the final version was completed.

Once the player entered the game, the first thing player will notice will be “what should I do now?”, no worries! Just take some time and explore the map and enjoy the landscape and soothing background music, something might happen to the surrounding once the player interacted with it. The first and second puzzle is quite normal as it only requires some logic thinking when the player solving the puzzle. But here is the interesting part, during solving second puzzle, the player can feel a breeze blowing from left and right direction in order to distract the player, and if the player took a wrong step, he or she shall fall down to the earth and need to restart the whole second puzzle again.

Players shall bear in mind that in order to solve some puzzles the player need to proceed back to the previous map in order to get some hints and solve the current puzzle also need to be patient for some instance. Also, for the Save option, players need to proceed with few puzzles then will only able to save their current progress, no worries, the saving process will be in auto save mode.

Graphic and Music

The graphic of this game is similar to canvas drawing type of graphic therefore the graphic requirement won’t be too high in my opinion. Just for some part of the game, the lighting effect of some puzzles might make the player feel discomfort and introduce motion sickness/ seasick to the player. This might affect the gaming experience if you are the kind of people who get motion sickness/seasick easily.

The background music of this game is very soothe and you can feel like you are in the environment by just listening to the music. The development team did a great job on this in my opinion. If player feel frustrated while solving the puzzle, he or she can just take a step back and enjoy the background music and continue with solving puzzle.


In my opinion, overall this game is quite challenging, but if you are a fans of solving puzzle or escape room, this will be the one and you will enjoy it a lot. The difficulty of the puzzle will be increasing quite a bit as the player proceeding the game. Also, there are few solutions for some puzzles, therefore just go ahead and crack you head when solving the puzzles.

According to the development team, the final version of the game will have a longevity of about 3 hours of gameplay, but while I am experience the game, personally I feel that it will take more than 3 hours to complete the whole game due to some puzzle do requirement some deep logic thinking.

This game is recommended for players that are interested in solving puzzle and problem solving as it definitely will crack your head while you are playing the game. There are also some small details that I never mention in the review, just take your time to explore and enjoy the landscape and you will find them immediately.

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