Luck is part of skill - alpaca ball allstars

Since the success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, gamers had realized that sometimes, it doesn't need to be a Triple A title to be enjoyable, fun comes in all sizes and are best enjoyed with friends and family!

Game Introduction

《Alpaca Ball: Allstars》is a party game packed with chaotic fun and laughter, where the players control their customizable alpaca and start swinging their long necks down the "Alpaca ball" field. Due to the floppy physics of the game, every round of the game is filled with so much uncertainty. Trying to perfect your shots is one way to enjoy the game, but sometimes winning with the luck aspect can bring more happiness than one can expect.

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay is fairly simple, players only have to learn a few buttons before they can hop in and enjoy the game. Apart from the multiplayer mode, 《Alpaca Ball: Allstars》 also comes with a single player campaign mode to allow the players to better get used to the mechanics of the game, such as the rules, different maps and various powerup pickups. There is a simple and straight to the point storyline, but in my perspective, the core aspect of the game is the multiplayer mode.

A maximum of 8 players can brawl it out in the competitive mode. Though the Nintendo Switch console can only support offline 8-player mode, the Steam version on the other hand allows 8 players online play via Remote Play, and only 1 player is required to own the game.

Game Features

To my surprise, the game can be played with balls that comes in shapes other than the typical spherical ball, there are other balls in the game, such as ice ball, dice, bombs etc. The oddballs aside(pun intended), the game also comes with powerup pickups capable of turning the tides of the game. The standard kick off experience just don't feel the same anymore after enjoying the chaotic fun in Alpaca Ball.

Most of the time, pre-planned strategies don't work as well as it is in other games due to the randomness in physics. Player collision can cause your alpaca to stun and fall, and its quite commonly happening in the game where you're trying to defend the ball but becomes an own goal instead. The game plays in an average of 3 minutes per round, and every second of the game is fairly unpredictable. The powerups in the game is just outright unfair and absurd that adds more spice to the already hectic chaos of a game it is, like the psychic control ball where you can directly take control of the ball and roll into the goal (Given that nobody is near the goal defending). If you feel like you're not contributing enough in an 8 player match, try slamming your body onto other alpacas on the field. Knocking the other alpaca down is also a viable strategy and works quite well in the game, disabling them while your team attacks on with advantage in numbers.


In general, the core selling point of the game is having fun with friends in the chaotic environment. It's a good addition to your party game collection, and the pricing is quite affordable in contrast to standard Nintendo Switch games~ and of course, you'll need 8 controllers to play on the Nintendo Switch console.

The only lacking part of the game is the single player campaign experience, it made me feel quite lonely to be having fun and shenanigans alone with no one to share the joy with. But playing with the Steam Remote Play feature has allowed me to enjoy the game with friends and joy. It felt like the game developer made the game not focusing on the players clearing the campaign, or to get competitive with your friends, but to just enjoy the relaxing and a unique experience full of laughter.

【Product Information】

Game Title Alpaca Ball All Star

Developer Salt Castle Studio

Publisher LEOFUL

Supported platforms Steam, Nintendo Switch

No. of players 1~8 Players

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