New mind-twisted mobile game CyberMeow 2048, solve puzzles to score high!

CyberMeow 2048, a puzzle matching game developed by Hong Kong indie game development team Gamestry Lab, has launched on Google Play and App Store. In the world of cyberpunk, playing with familiar 2048 rules to slide and merge blocks, solve puzzles and reach the highest score. Experience gained with score can be used to feed, upgrade and evolve Cybermeow!

⦁ 🤯 Mind-twisted challenge: blocks with colors

Number blocks with colors, Meow, Bomb and Popo blocks bring exciting and challenging gameplay experiences to the ordinary 2048 slide and merge puzzle. Merge numbers with the same color, position the meow and bomb, clear the popo to survive and reach the highest score!

⦁ 🧨 Cyberdecks: Cross Explosion System

Connecting Meow and Bomb blocks can trigger CyberMeow’s cross explosion system. Placing them next to each other can activate the cross explosion to clear off all the blocks near Meow block. Wisely use the Bomb and explode all the obstacles and popo blocks to score higher!

⦁ 🤖 Meow and Mech: Multiple upgrades and evolves

Score gained can be converted into experience to feed and upgrade Meow or Mech. Leveling CyberMeow will not only upgrade the blocks in games, but also can discover its secret evolve state. Clear more Popo and reach higher scores to feed CyberMeow and discover the possibility!

CyberMeow 2048 is now launched on Google Play and App Store, download for free on mobile to solve puzzles and evolve with CyberMeow now!

Game introduction trailer (English):

Google Play link:

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