Short Creepy Tales: <7PM> GAME PREVIEW

7PM is the first formal installment of an anthology horror series by the Malaysian indie game developer Cellar Vault Games. The game takes place in a small low-cost apartment block.

Play through the day’s experience as each of three children living there and their attempts to invite a young mysterious new neighbor to play with them. However what was supposed to be an offer of friendship quickly takes a dark turn as each of the children experience horrific visitations. Further so, not everyone or everything is as it seems in this apartment block, and dark secrets lurk everywhere if you can see them.


Spend a weekend experiencing the neighborhood in the apartment block, moving between the different areas, talking to different people and completing tasks and minigame challenges. Slowly uncover hints, find items and encounter new people to talk to.

*Choices matter: Interact with different people to start conversations and get to know the story through them. Careful though, sometimes decisions need to be made which close off paths.

*Some tasks are more direct than others, and you need to do more than just talk. Game Trailer:

The game is expected to be released by September 2020 at the Steam platform.